Afghan Women’s Team (AWT)

Their story

Melbourne Victory has a vision to lead, unite, connect and inspire generations of Australians.

The partnership between the Afghan Women’s National Team (AWT) and Melbourne Victory sits perfectly at this intersection; where football can be a connection point to create better lives and opportunities which in turn develops a stronger nation.

The AWT is determined to be recognised on the world stage and committed to being reinstated by FIFA so they can return to global competition. Melbourne Victory is committed to supporting them in their ambition and has created a holistic elite football program that celebrates their courage, perseverance and talent.

The AWT competes in Football Victoria’s competitive leagues where they have recently secured back-to-back promotions and will next season be in the Women’s State League 2.

In addition to supporting their sporting life, Melbourne Victory is committed to supporting players’ social and cultural lives. This involves investment in support structures providing health and wellbeing, education and employment.

Donate today

Donate now to support our Afghan Women’s Team as they tackle social justice and strive to return to the global stage.

Donations will directly support outcomes including:

·        Player registrations

·        Team operations

·        Staff support

·        Facilities, equipment and uniforms

·        Advocacy events

·        Marketing and communications

·        Education and employment support

·        Additional refugee services for players families

member donations

During the 2022/23 season, Melbourne Victory members actively participated in supporting the AWT by making a $10 donation as a component of their membership for the season. These generous contributions played a crucial role in various aspects of team support, such as funding player uniforms, health and wellbeing initiatives, player registrations, support staff, travel expenses for training and matches, as well as operational needs.

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