The Club for all Victorians


Melbourne Victory has an obligation to ensure football is accessible and empowering to all. We are responsible for stewarding a community that leverages football to positively impact lives.


Committed to lead, unite, connect and inspire generations through football, Melbourne Victory will ensure every young Victorian has an opportunity to reach their potential whilst enjoying a happy and healthy life.


Creating a passionate and connected community where all people are welcome and all people belong, Melbourne Victory will actively engage disadvantaged/vulnerable Victorian youth in the development and delivery of meaningful football programs that lead to positive social impact. We will actively reduce the barriers to accessing quality football experiences, improving the overall health, wellbeing and social connectedness of young Victorians.



Strategic Priorities

Using football to improve health, wellbeing, social connectedness and progression into adulthood we will focus on four intrinsically interconnected strategic priorities.

These priorities are: Participation, Cultural Diversity, Gender Equity and Education.

Despite clear rationale behind each priority, project delivery will occur where strategic priorities intersect. By operating in the crossover of priority areas, resources will be best positioned to have the greatest impact. 

Melbourne Victory values the array of partnerships that make our community programming possible.


Our aim is to provide and support enjoyable, high quality football experiences to Victorian youth. We will positively contribute to the opportunities available to participate either as a player, coach, administrator, volunteer or fan.

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Cultural Diversity

Football is the global sport and we have an obligation to ensure that football is safe, welcoming and accessible to all.

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Gender Equity 

We will strive for gender equity in football by providing accessible, welcoming and enjoyable opportunities for girls to play, coach and watch football. We will support representatives of LGBTI+ communities in breaking down cultural barriers and making football a safe environment for all.

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Melbourne Victory will support the development of skills for wider learning, work and life by engaging with vulnerable youth through football and integrating football into the Victorian school system.