Melbourne Victory is the club for all Victorians. Our community defines who we are, and we are proud to deliver a range of programs that create opportunities for all Victorians.

Football is for everyone. Through football we strive to bring all Victorians together and leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of the Victory community.

We are focused on quality, accessible and enjoyable youth engagement to ensure Melbourne Victory becomes a meaningful part of our community’s lives for generations. We believe we have a responsibility to grow the game and provide opportunities to communities that face additional barriers to participating in football.

Our community programming is built around four pillars that best represent the club’s values, strengths and ability to provide meaningful impact. These pillars complement the Victorian football landscape, allowing us to add value to football in Victoria whilst supporting wider health, wellbeing, social and educational initiatives available to Victoria’s youth.

Melbourne Victory values the array of partnerships that make our community programming possible.


Strengthens Our Pathways, growing quality football experiences and skill development.


Our Schools provide opportunities for youth to engage with their studies and transition into employment.


Embraces Our People, providing access to football throughout Victoria’s diverse, multicultural community.


Ensures Our Girls are given every opportunity to play football.