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Health + Wellbeing – Exercise

This month’s exercise is: Office Routine Exercises

Returning to the office and our daily routine can be a difficult change, especially for our active lifestyles we may have been able to maintain across the break. Therefore, it is crucial to find resolutions to keep the body active and healthy in the return to the office.

Here are some changes to make to keep active in the workplace:

  • Standing Desks: Provide adjustable standing desks to allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing, promoting movement throughout the day.
  • Walking Meetings: Encourage walking meetings, providing a change of scenery and promoting physical activity while discussing work matters.
  • Desk Exercises: Share simple desk exercises that employees can easily incorporate into their daily routine, such as stretches or seated yoga poses.
  • Fitness Challenges: Implement short-term fitness challenges, like step challenges or monthly workout goals, to encourage employees to stay active.
  • Recreational Breaks: Designate a recreational area with activities like a mini basketball hoop or a ping pong table to provide quick, active breaks during the workday.