Alex Chidiac: ‘I’m just really, really happy to be back.’

Chids discusses her move back to Melbourne, her passion for support work, and a love for Twinings tea.

With three clearances, 82% passing accuracy, and a late goal to top it all off, it’s safe to say Chids kept herself busy in our clutch win against Sydney FC. Off the pitch, life for her is not much different.

Since her return to Melbourne, it’s been non-stop. “I arrived, bought a house, going through the moving process during the season, especially during the finals series it’s not easy”.

“But it’s been super nice to be back home and get back in the swing of things, see all the girls and be playing football again,” she explained.

With a long-term stay in Melbourne ahead of her, Chids is excited to make the most of it, particularly with her off-season plans.

“It’s going to be the first time I have a proper off-season, so I want to make sure I’m really proactive in terms of getting a job and making sure I have things outside of football,” she said.

Passionate about support work, she’s looking forward to commencing working with the support service What Ability. ‘I’ve done a couple shadow sessions with them. Essentially it’s just about taking people out, getting them into the community, and being there to support them throughout that.’

It’s been a long time coming. Spending the last few years following her football passions across the globe, Chids describes her passion for support work as ’something that’s been in the back of my mind.’

“I wanted to make sure I was able to fully commit, and not just see people for two weeks and then jet off overseas again,” Alex explained.

“I’m really excited to start up with them, and to learn more about being the best support worker I can.”

Putting roots down in Melbourne has helped Chids in more ways than one. “It helps me on the field as well, being able to fully focus on everything that’s happening here, and just play with freedom and go and enjoy things outside in life as well. I’m just really, really happy to be back”.

Another bonus to being back on home soil is access to Twinings English Breakfast tea, the love for which she’s happy to share.

“I pretty much started a podcast to try and get a tea sponsorship. If Twinings are listening…I know they’re watching. I know they know I love them! We just have to find the right person to hopefully get it over the line,” Chidiac said.

After some masterful performances from the Victory side, Chids is looking ahead to Sunday’s do-or-die match.

“It’s good heading into finals that we’ve got this form, and hopefully we can continue that, but it’s going to be a tough match against a good opposition. Anything can happen in finals,” she explained.

The growing support from fans and spectators has been important to the side. ‘It’s just nice to see the support that all the teams are getting at the moment. It’s a big win for women’s football.’

There’s been a growing Victory fanbase coming from an unlikely source, also. “I’ve been heading out to the comedy festival quite a lot, and a lot of the comedians have caught on that we have a game, so they’ll be coming, too. A comedy festival and Victory crossover, which is pretty cool”.

Don’t worry – if you need any comedy recommendations, Chids has it covered. “Just hit me up, I’ll send you to the right place”.