Archie’s celebration origin


It became an iconic part of Archie Thompson’s Melbourne Victory career, and he’s revealed just where his goal celebration started from.

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Talking to SEN’s This Is Your Sporting Life podcast with Peter Donegan, Thompson retraced his steps all the way back to the mid 1990’s.

“It happened to start when I first signed my first professional contract, which was in the Gippsland area in the old NSL,” Thompson explained.

“There was this one teammate that I used to play with, and I remember him clear as day.

“Whenever I scored, he would always say, ‘Archie, I think when you score a goal, you should celebrate’.

“People remember things like that, they remember the celebrations.”

During Thompson’s four years at Gippsland, the celebration evolved.

“Whenever I used to score in Gippsland, the Kung Fu fighting (song) used to come over the PA,” Thompson said.

“I used to go up (to the corner flag) and do the Kung Fu fighting, so that’s where it originated.”

Thompson’s celebration caught the eye of a fellow Socceroos teammate, with Tim Cahill taking note after the Victory striker scored against Jamaica in London in 2005.

“Over time it’s taken a form, and there’s a celebration that Tim Cahill does with the boxing – that started from me,” Thompson said.

“I happened to score and Timmy was injured and sitting up in the grandstand.

“I’ve scored, gone up to the corner flag and started kicking and punching it.

“After the game (Cahill) came up to me and said, ‘do you mind if I take that celebration to the Premier League?’

“I said no worries, and after that I’m the one that copies him now!”

Between Thompson and Cahill, the celebrations at the corner flag have been a welcome sight at plenty of Socceroos games over the journey, but the former Victory man is quick to take credit for creating it.

“It’s nice that he gives me the accolades for giving me that celebration. I make sure that everyone knows the story that I started it,” Thompson joked.