Ben Carter to make E-League debut


Melbourne Victory has flown in Ben Carter (aka EpicFlyer010) to replace Sarge Singh in Round 5 of the E-League this week.

A busy working week for Sarge has opened the door for Ben to make his E-League debut on Thursday night against Perth Glory. Ben was selected as the club’s substitute player in the E-League draft in February.

The long-time FIFA player and Victory supporter is thrilled to pull on the navy blue and hopes to contribute to the success of the side this week and beyond if needed.

What do you do when you’re not playing FIFA?

Most of the time I’m either at university or with my girlfriend. I study exercise science which is essentially an overqualified personal trainer. Hopefully I can go into a Masters course once I finish my Bachelor degree, either in Physio or Exercise Physiology and work with people who are recovering from surgery or have heart issues. I get to take a day off uni for the match this Thursday, my Professor is going to be like “What’s going on!?”

How long have you played FIFA for?

I remember playing FIFA 2003 on my Nintendo DS! I was playing on DS and PlayStation 2 until about FIFA 09, where my parents would only let me on to play for half an hour. So every night after I’d done my homework or read a book, I’d be allowed on for half an hour, play a couple of games in career mode and hop off. I started getting into Ultimate Team in FIFA 12.

Who’s the first player you pick?

It’s has to be Ruud Gullit. He can do everything. You’ve got so many different attackers like Mbappe, Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi; they can score goals but nobody has the defensive capabilities, the height and the ability to go forward like Gullit.

How big a task is it replacing Sarge?

It’s massive. Sarge hasn’t had to go out and dominate games, he’s done the team thing so far where if Mo has recorded a big result he’s consolidated and held on for the win in the second game. I don’t think he’s had the opportunity to show his full potential going forward but you can tell he’s one of the best in Australia if not the whole region.

Have Mo or Sarge given you any tips?

Definitely. They’ve given me a little bit here and there, but I’ll probably be speaking to them a bit more this week about it.

Top of the table, how confident are you firstly in winning this week and also the E-League in general?

We’ve got a couple of tough games coming up. Every game is going to be tough because FIFA is such an inconsistent game. Mo and Sarge have been playing really well, I’ve watched all of the games so I’m pretty confident we can take this week out if we just play our game and play our best. Hopefully we can keep the form running through the tournament and take the league out. That’d be a pretty cool thing to do.

Victory currently sits top of the E-League table, undefeated after four rounds. Mo and Ben will be in action against Glory from 6pm this Thursday on Twitch, and from 8pm on Fox Sports.