Besart Berisha visits Parkville College


Melbourne Victory star Besart Berisha spent time at Parkville College last week, interacting with students, teachers and staff.

Parkville College operates within the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, educating some of Victoria’s most neglected, traumatised and less fortunate students.

The college and Youth Justice Precinct staff operate with an inclusive, supportive and therapeutic approach towards providing positive relationships, life skills and education.

“While interacting with the boys, I was able to speak about things like teamwork, collaboration, decision making and the importance of building respect,” Berisha said.

“We might be footballers, but we are role models too, and hopefully I was able to help the students in a positive way.” 

Berisha spoke to the students about his experiences growing up and some of the decisions he has made throughout his playing career.

He also played football with the students and answered a range of questions from the group.

The students at Parkville were all very grateful for the visit, with one student standing up to make an impromptu speech.

“It’s not often that we get to meet people from outside, let alone a professional footballer,” the student said. 

“Thank you so much for coming in, talking to us and playing with us.”

As part of its diverse work in the community, Victory has established an ongoing program at Parkville College that aims to help students make better decisions while keeping them active.

Besart Berisha interacts with students at Parkville College.