E-League wrap: Victory records draw with Sydney


Mo Zwed earned a hard-fought draw with Sydney FC in Round 9 of the E-League on Thursday night.

Sydney’s Samer Elbadar looked set for a reasonably comfortable night after besting Zwed 3-2 on Xbox.

He set the early pace by grabbing a commanding two-goal buffer less than 10 minutes into their first encounter.

However, Zwed curled in a fine finish and buried a strong header either side of half-time to leave the tie on a knife’s edge, even though Elbadar was able to get his nose in front with a counter-attack goal that proved vital in the wider context.


Zwed went close to creating E-League shockwaves when he rallied back from two goals down to beat Elbadar 3-2 and so nearly cost Sydney FC the Premiership.

Again cruising at 2-0 after lashing in two-left footed finishes, Elbadar was brought to the brink of disaster when he shipped three goals in the final half-hour.

The last was a mad scramble that gave Zwed the PS4 victory and an overall draw, with Elbadar nervously welcoming the all-important aggregate point.