How Muscat influenced Broxham


Episode 3 of The Victory Society with Broxie will be across all Victory’s social media channels on Thursday November 2 at 5pm.

Leigh Broxham has revealed how Kevin Muscat was instrumental in helping him develop through doses of ‘tough love’ on the training track.

As part of a fascinating episode of ‘The Victory Society with Broxie’, proudly presented by Tobin Brothers, guest Matt Preston turned the tables and quizzed Broxham about his early days at Victory.

The result was this fascinating exchange. Stay tuned for the full episode on Thursday evening across all Victory’s social media channels and website.

Matt Preston: I want to know what training with Musky (Kevin Muscat) was like early on when you came in. Did he give you a rough up on the training field?

Leigh Broxham: At the time I thought I was getting given a rough time. He used to come after me physically a little bit and verbally occasionally.

As I know now, it was more of a ‘toughen you up’, to see if you could do it or you couldn’t do it.

Preston: You play in big defender’s roles, so much bigger than you physically are. Do you think that (training with Muscat) had a role in building you up?

Broxham: I might do an appearance somewhere, or go out to a clinic, and they say, ‘Broxham you’re not as big as I thought’.

Kevin had a big influence on me and Brebs (Grant Brebner) as well, I think those two guys and people like Roddy Vargas, they all had big influences on my career in terms of players I was growing up with.

I think they were there testing. They cared about their football club, and young players coming through, they were testing whether you can do it because it’s their job, their livelihood on the weekend and if some young kid’s coming in and not up to it, they need to find out.

Now it’s kind of my job at this point in my career to take that role.