“I couldn’t even hear myself scream” – Paul Izzo post-match

Goalkeeper Paul Izzo spoke to the media following Victory’s Elimination Final win against Melbourne City.

On whether that was the best game he has played…

“I don’t know. It’s all kind of a blur.”

“I think once I sit down, just go through it again, without a doubt.”

“I mean I’ve never scored a penalty.”

On being in the zone…

“Particularly in the shoot-out, once that came along.”

“I had an experience with Adelaide, against Perth, got very excited, and we managed to still lose that.”

“So each time I saved one, I was just like, just stay calm, relax, it’s not done.”

“Just keep it cool until the end and then, once it’s done, enjoy it.”

On being asked to take a penalty…

“We did some work during the week at training and I shanked one out of three.”

“[Tony Popovic] looked at me and he was like “you want number three?”, and I was like “yeah alright”, and he was like “done”.”

“He said for me to step up and I was like I can’t say no.”

On his antics with Jamie Young’s penalty notes…

“A bottle may have got launched into the crowd.”

“I even checked his towel and he had paper in there as well so lucky I found that too.”

“It’s just part of the game.”

On the importance of the fans…

“I couldn’t even hear myself scream, the noise was that loud.”

“They’ve been immense for us all season.”

“Obviously last season was very difficult for them and us. To see them back, showing what they can do and what they can make of the league…it’s a credit to them and we’re so lucky to have them.”