Information for North End members


The following information was sent to Melbourne Victory North End members on Friday.

We understand that it has been an unsettling period for all North End members in recent times. What has been outstanding is your enduring commitment to our Club as a member and your ongoing support of the players. For this, everyone at the Club is truly grateful.

As previously referenced, we are disappointed that those currently representing the North Terrace are proposing to cease coordinated support at the North End in future matches.

So much preparatory work went into the planning of active areas for this season and our model was agreed by all parties involved, including the North Terrace leadership.

The implementation of this model followed overwhelming support from our members and fans, who stand with us to remove flares and individuals involved in anti-social behaviour.

The vision of this model is to ultimately provide an active and safe match day experience that protects all of our members, as well as our club from further FFA sanctions.

To be clear, our commitment to active support has not wavered. We want to see vibrant and growing active areas, fostering an opportunity to create the unique atmosphere that can only be delivered by the North and South Ends.

In light of the decision of the North Terrace leadership, we now want to provide clarity to all North End members about the active area going forwards.

North End in 2016/17

The North End model, as presented prior to the commencement of the season, will remain. We believe it is sustainable, enabling every active member to have a safe and enjoyable environment. This model also complies with Football Federation Australia’s minimum standards.

Coordinated Leadership

Our requirement of a coordinated leadership is essential and we still seek four leaders to represent the entire North End member base. It is critical to have an engaged and stable leadership, who are integrated with match day stakeholders and can make decisions on behalf of the members.

Supporter Materials

Although there is no coordinated leadership currently in place, the Club is still happy to assist with supporter materials for the North End, according to the conditions of entry and subject to access approval by the stadium. These will need to be requested through the Club and access arranged through specified gates.


While the Club will be working to encourage a new group of leaders, in the interim, we also encourage every North End member to attend our games and remain active. As was the case on Tuesday night, continue to stand and show your support for the Club and the boys that take the pitch against Wellington Phoenix on Monday night. Challenges cannot be overcome without a common cause and intent for unity.

If you would like to discuss the matter further, please formally email or call the Club on 1300 GO MVFC.

We again thank you for your support of Melbourne Victory and look forward to seeing all our active members stand with us against Wellington on Monday night.