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Dec 05, 2013   |  8:25PM AET

Kevin’s Twitter chat

Kevin’s Twitter chat

Head coach Kevin Muscat answered your questions live on Twitter earlier today – see what he had to say.

Head coach Kevin Muscat answered your questions live on Twitter earlier today – see what he had to say.

Here’s the transcript of today’s live Twitter “#muschat”, held on our official Twitter account:

@DJMikiOfficial: #muschat have you continued with Ange’s philosophy or are you slowly implementing your own? #muschat
KM: I intend to improve our current style, based on foundations laid – I was a big contributor to developing this current game plan #muschat

@KarlMcbeath: Leijer and Broxham not guaranteed in the starting XI, due 2 the faultless p-mances by Mahazi and Ansell #muschat
KM: Competition for places has never been more competitive. We-ll have a tough decision to make for Sunday-s match #muschat

@TinguAu: Kevin how do you feel about playing 5 games in melbourne in a row? #muschat
KM: This period is a great opportunity to build some momentum.Also a great opportunity for our fans to watch us at home @ AAMI Park #muschat

@ProfessorHutch: Is Gui not starting due to needing to get fitness up, or just competition for spots too great? #muschat
KM: Again, this goes to show the depth in our squad. We-re confident Gui will play his part in our success this season #muschat

@b0nestorm: Are you looking at anything in particular going into the next transfer window? #muschat
KM: We obviously work to the constraints of the salary cap, I don-t foresee any additions to the squad at this stage #muschat

@ALeagueHD: #muschat Do you think there is significant potential within the squad to top the table and win the league
KM: The comp itself is very strong and we are motivated as ever to achieve the ultimate success this season & I believe we can #muschat

@CharlieAitken3: When will Scott Galloway get a crack? He had a fantastic debut season last year #muschat
KM: Scotty has been doing well and everyone in the squad is important to us & will have their role to play throughout the campaign ?#muschat

@soccermvfc1: #muschat Hi Kevin Do u miss playing with MVFC? From MVFC Huge Super Fan Katie
KM: The next best thing to be playing for this great club, is to be working for it. I consider my position one of privilege #muschat

@LennyVAFA: Was your coaching philosophy changed by your time under Ange from what style you favoured previously? ?#muschat
KM: As a young coach I’m all about evolving. I appreciate certain things about f’ball & try to bring them to reality in the way we play #muschat

@duellingbanjos (Club Ambassador & former player Grant Brebner): As a player did you prefer right back-centre back or playing with me in midfield?? 😉 #muschat
KM: Mr Ambassador, that-s a tough one. But Fred and I doing your running in midfield in season 2 was enjoyable #muschat

KM: Thanks for all your tweets. Sorry couldn-t get to them all, but we-ll do this again soon! Your support is appreciated. See you Sunday!

Before I go, just want to say to all our fans – your team need you as loud as ever this weekend & for this upcoming series of home games.

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