Liberty A-League Match Preview | Central Coast v Melbourne Victory

Match Details
Central Coast Mariners v Melbourne Victory
Date: Saturday 10 February
Time: 5.00pm (AEDT)
Location: Industree Group Stadium, Gosford


Our girls in blue will make the trip to Gosford for the first time in 15 years as they look to continue their four-game unbeaten run.

Speaking to the media, Heach Coach Jeff Hopkins said he and his team will be looking to continue climbing up the Liberty A-League table.

“The league is very competitive at the moment and it’s been important over the last four weeks that we’ve worked hard, we’ve trained hard, we’ve got one or two players back into the side, started to build their fitness and as a result of that, I think the performances have got steadily better,” Jeff said.

“We had quite a tricky fixture last week up in Brisbane, which we managed to get through really well.

“The girls have been showing a fair bit of confidence in their training this week and it’s been good. I think one of the things that has really kind of caught my eye is the way that we’ve applied ourselves as a group over the last three or four weeks.

“The training intensity has increased, the concentration, the focus, and as a result of that, the results have improved as well. So I’m really pleased with the vibe within the group and hoping that we can carry on where we left off last week.”

Looking ahead to the Mariners, Hopkins said he’s been “impressed” with how the team has performed this season so far.

“I’ve been impressed with them. They’ve been a fantastic addition to the league. A very competitive side,” he said.

“I think tactically, they are pretty flexible. They’re able to jump between a number of different formations and be good and competitive in either of those strong up front.

“They have players that can hurt you. They’re quite direct as well. They hurt you in the areas, and they force you to defend the areas that sometimes people don’t like defending.

“So, yeah, I’ve been very impressed with them and we’re going up there knowing that we’re going to have a very difficult task.”

Speaking on Rachel Lowe, Hopkins said she’s been an “incredibly influential player”.

“We worked really hard to get her here because we did realise what an influential player she can be,” he said.

“She’s very comfortable on the ball, she’s comfortable coming short, drawing players in to create space for other people.

“But also when we get the ball to her, she’s capable of turning and bringing others in or actually creating stuff for herself as well.

“So, yeah, she’s been very important to us just to give us the ability to be tactically a little bit more flexible.”



2.Jamilla RANKIN, 3.Tori HANSEN, 4.Sara D’APPOLONIA, 5.Jessika NASH, 7.Ella O’GRADY, 8.Alana MURPHY, 9.Emily GIELNIK, 10.Alex CHIDIAC, 11.McKenzie WEINERT, 13.Kurea OKINO, 15.Emma CHECKER, 16.Paige ZOIS, 18.Kayla MORRISON, 19.Lia PRIVITELLI, 21.Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, 23.Rachel LOWE, 27.Rosie CURTIS, 50.Courtney NEWBON, 66.Geo CANDY

Ins: 7.Ella O’GRADY, 16.Paige ZOIS, 27.Rosie CURTIS

Outs: nil

Unavailable: 1.Lydia WILLIAMS, 6.Beattie GOAD, 20.Miranda TEMPLEMAN