Melbourne Victory hosts Silver Member’s at amazing function


The contribution of our more than 450 Silver Members was recognised last night with the Exclusive Silver Member function held at AAMI Park.

The contribution of our more than 450 Silver Members was recognised last night with the Exclusive Silver Member function held at AAMI Park.

This is a significant event in the membership calendar as it gives the Melbourne Victory the chance to thank Silver Members who have stuck by the club for over five years.

The function kicked-off with the ultimate experience for 22 lucky Silver Members who took to the pitch in the inaugural Silver Member Match on AAMI Park.

Members were presented with their very own jersey to play in and were treated to a true match-day experience.

Grant Brebner (away team) and Tando Velaphi (home team) coached their respective charges to an eight goal shoot-out, complete with overzealous celebrations for the Silver Member crowd watching from the stands. The home team ran out 6-2 winners.

Whilst the players showed off their technical abilities on-pitch, the function held in the corporate dining room at AAMI Park was abuzz with activity as Silver Members were treated to a speech from Trent Jacobs, General Manager Operations and Melbourne Victory Captain, Adrian Leijer.

Fabio, Isaka Cernak, Jimmy Jeggo, Marco Rojas, and Archie Thompson happily posed for photos and signed hundreds of autographs, providing everyone with some additional highlights.

The night was capped off when the club announced the winners of the auction items and the raffle while every Silver Member was presented with a special gift pack.

Overall, it was an enjoyable night for the Club and Silver Members alike, and we look forward to many more.


Just a note to say thanks for the function last night, I, my son and daughter enjoyed it and were pleased to see so many players present, senior ones too, and they were all good value!. Our thanks to them. After a “hard” season it was good that they fronted up. My wife would have loved to have been there but is not “silver” yet, although she attended most games prior to taking membership. We all look forward to a better season next time round and can see the potential is still at the club and I-m sure there will be further changes/additions.

B. Pocklington, Silver Member

This year-s silver member function was without doubt the best and most amazing experience. I was one of the lucky 22 members aloud to take the field and play a match with other members on the pitch of our home stadium. For me this experience has given me a small sample of what the gifted players of MVFC get on a much larger scale. The reality is that this is as good as it gets for supporters, 99% of us will never get the chance to play for the club we love and support, this opportunity tonight was as close as we will ever get to the real thing.
R. Miano, Silver Member