Melbourne Victory launches its new three-year Community Strategy

Melbourne Victory is excited to release a new Community Strategy with the ambition to drive positive change for more Victorians, in more areas, more often.

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The strategy, which draws on work that has taken place at the Club over many years, outlines the direction the Club will take to make football more accessible to young people.  

By using the global sport as a vehicle to provide enjoyable football experiences, Melbourne Victory aims to deliver a suite of programs across Victoria that strengthen participation, cultural diversity, gender equity and education, driving youth to reach their potential, regardless of their personal circumstance.

These programs will provide benefits such as greater physical health, mental health, social connectedness, leadership skills and overall wellbeing.

Victory’s Managing Director, Caroline Carnegie, said it was important to stay true to the Club’s values and support the Victory family, utilising football as a vehicle to positively impact lives.

“Acknowledging our position in the Victorian sporting landscape we established a community focussed strategic plan that aims to build our organisational capacity whilst growing impact-driven community football programs.”

The Strategic Plan is built upon ambitious and aspirational pillars:

  • Purpose: Melbourne Victory has an obligation to ensure football is accessible and empowering to all. We are responsible for stewarding a community that leverages football to positively impact lives.
  • Vision: Victory is committed to lead, united, connect and inspire generations through football. The Club will ensure every young Victorian has an opportunity to reach their potential whilst enjoying a happy and healthy life.
  • Mission: Creating a passionate and connected community where all people are welcome and all people belong, Melbourne Victory will actively engage disadvantaged/vulnerable Victorian youth in the development and delivery of meaningful football programs that lead to positive social impact. We will actively reduce the barriers to accessing quality football experiences, improving the overall health, wellbeing and social connectedness of young Victorians

The purpose driven plan focusses on four interconnected strategic priorities:

  • Participation,
  • Education,
  • Cultural diversity, and,
  • Gender equity.

The Club has set a number of targets and critical success factors, all of which are outlined in the Strategy. 

Over the next three years, Melbourne Victory is committed to increase its program delivery by 50%, from 70 to 105, growing from 15,000 to 22,500 participants – a 50% jump. In addition, the Club aims at growing female participation by 166% – along with a number of other targets.