Melbourne Victory member update


Melbourne Victory Football Club wishes to advise there was a serious incident near Allianz Stadium prior to our match against Sydney FC on Friday, March 3, which NSW Police are investigating.

As a club, we take great care in providing a safe environment for everyone that attends our games. We have also been consistent in our stance that anyone who behaves in an anti-social manner is quite simply not welcome at our games – home or away.

It has been confirmed that several people involved in the Sydney incident were known to the club, as they have been involved in similar indiscretions at other venues, both in Melbourne and interstate.

The club can confirm that many of the individuals involved in the Sydney incident have also been disruptive and confrontational in the North End active area at different times throughout this season.

These individuals have now been banned from Melbourne Victory games.

To recap, after agreeing to minimum standards for 2016/17 at the beginning of the season, the previous North End leadership chose to disengage with the club, and we realise this has impacted coordinated support in the North End.

There has also been some intimidatory behaviour directed at those that have tried to coordinate support during the season. There is no place for confrontational behaviour in the North End, or any other area at our games for that matter.

Our active areas are a place for members to stand, chant and support in an active manner, and this is something the club will continue to support.

The club’s immediate objective is to start the process of planning next season’s North End active area now, to ensure all North End members are clear on the working model for 2017/18 and also have the chance to have input and be involved.

We have had a number of individuals come to the club with ideas for the North End active area over the past three months, which has been welcomed.

We are keen to hear more of these ideas and we encourage our North End members to share their thoughts by emailing

Following further feedback, we intend to bring together likeminded active members to steer the North End active area forward, with as much engagement from members as possible. This is something we will continue to keep members informed about.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the club.