Melbourne Victory statement on Footscray Park Masterplan


Melbourne Victory has today been formally advised by Maribyrnong City Council that the 2019 Footscray Park Masterplan, which included plans for our not-for-profit Women’s and Youth Academy precinct, has been rejected.

The purported decision by Council is both disappointing and surprising, given:

  • we have been working with the Council (in partnership) for over 4 years on the project; and
  • that the Council has contractually committed to both the Melbourne Victory Academy entity and the State Government to deliver the earmarked Footscray Park site for the project.

Melbourne Victory is considering all of its options in light of Council’s decision.

We do wish to take this opportunity however to thank the Victorian State Government for its continued support of our youth, women’s and community programs, and assure the Melbourne Victory family that those existing programs will continue uninterrupted.