Melbourne Victory teams up with SEN for Victory in Business

Melbourne Victory is pleased to announce that Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) will be the Official Media Partner of Victory in Business (VIB) for the 2023/24 season.

The sports broadcaster will provide the opportunity for VIB members to win advertising on their platforms during VIB events as well as providing a network for VIB members to gain access to exclusive advertising opportunities.

Melbourne Victory Managing Director, Caroline Carnegie said the partnership will open the door to the VIB network to explore advertising opportunities on SEN’s channels.

“We’re thrilled to have SEN partner with our business and networking program, to offer a new dimension to our network of close to 100 businesses,” Carnegie said.

“One of the many goals of the VIB network is to connect like-minded businesses together to build relationships and develop synergies in an environment where businesses wouldn’t normally connect in.

“The chance to open our network to the wide range of advertising opportunities SEN can provide is exciting for everyone involved in VIB.”

SEN Chief Commercial Officer, Daniel McGuire was also looking forward to fostering the potential partnerships the opportunity can create.

“We are thrilled to partner with Melbourne Victory and Victory in Business and we’re looking forward to working closely together to open doors and connect business within their network,” McGuire said.

“Whether it be via our national radio network or expanding digital platforms, SEN connects brands with fans and this initiative will provide the opportunity for different businesses to experience the wide reach the SEN can deliver.”