Melbourne Victory’s Female Forum introduces innovative approach

In a bid to unite and empower female leaders in the business world, the Female Forum, proudly presented by AGL, is making waves with its unique approach to fostering growth and development among its members.

Meeting five times a year, the Female Forum serves as a platform for like-minded individuals to engage in discussions about crucial topics relevant to the contemporary workplace.

Members share a common goal – to inspire behavioural change in professional settings, whilst nurturing aspirations for both career and personal development.

Distinguishing itself from traditional networking events, Melbourne Victory Female Forum’s are committed to elevating its attendees through a series of workshops facilitated by industry leaders.

These workshops are designed to not only connect professionals but also educate and empower them on their journey towards individual growth and career progression.

This season, the Female Forum has enlisted the expertise of Poppy Griffiths to spearhead the UnlimitU’s Courageous Women in Leadership Program.

Griffiths will conduct four Masterclass workshops spread across three events, featuring one full-day session and two 2.5-hour sessions, each catering to a maximum of 20 members.

What sets the Masterclass Program apart is its inclusion of a custom Coaching Playbook Resource. Delivered in digital format, this resource is intended to be a valuable tool for each member, both during and after the program. It serves as a repository for ideas and learnings, facilitating continued application in their professional lives.

The Female Forum, with its commitment to meaningful engagement and practical skill-building, is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of female leadership. The forums serve to promote and support women in the work force aligned, which aligns with AGL’s culture where everyone feels included, heard and safe every day.

As it continues to evolve beyond traditional networking, the forum stands as a beacon for women seeking not only connections but also tangible tools for success in their respective fields.

Memberships are available, unlocking discounted access to the five events throughout the year. View here.

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