Member feature: Lachlan Harris


While it may only be Lachlan Harris’ first year as an official member, he has been a Victory supporter since the early days.

“I had always gone to a few games each season, but when I was studying at uni, I didn’t really have the time or money to go to every game or have a membership.

“Once I started working, I made sure to sign up and started going to all the games. I love being there and watching the boys.”

Lachy Harris

Being just a child when the Hyundai A-League first formed, Lachy first became drawn to football during the 2006 World Cup.

“That’s what really piqued my interest in the sport, and with the new A-League I figured, well, Victory is my local team…and it was just really exciting to be able to go to something new.

“I used to follow footy when I was a kid. Growing up my parents were always into it, and my grandpa played for Hawthorn, so I come from an AFL background. But once I discovered football, I never looked back.”

Like so many, the beauty of the sport is what appealed most to Lachy, and inspired his own desire to get involved with futsal.

“I just think the skill in soccer is what makes it so great to watch. And it’s that much more exciting when a goal is scored when there’s only a few each game.

“It’s truly a world game. I think it’s great that you can see so many of the different styles of play from players and teams all over the world.”

Harris invested himself in the sport both locally and internationally, adopting Liverpool as his Premier League team.

“As a Liverpool fan, it’s not like I can just go to a game anytime I want. But with Victory, I can be there and enjoy that atmosphere at AAMI Park. Victory has always been exciting to watch, so it’s good fun to see it live.”

Lachy really lucked out in 2013 when Victory took on Liverpool at the MCG.

“Both my teams playing right in Melbourne… that was an awesome experience for me!”

While the A-League is still a relatively new competition in comparison to those in Europe and South America, Harris is keen to see Australia’s top flight of football grow.

“Obviously it’s hard to compete financially with European clubs and the like, but I do really think the A-League has some skilful players that make it great to watch, like Nabbout and Kruse. Just great attackers.

“Plus, we get international players that come through and it gives you taste of those other bigger leagues.

“The only way the league can expand is if people show their support…so I absolutely want to continue my membership for years to come and hopefully see more successful seasons.”