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Apr 02, 2020   |  10:33PM AET

Member feature: Tim Hoeboer

Member feature: Tim Hoeboer

Tim Hoeboer is a familiar face in the South End and after nine seasons of Melbourne Victory membership, he’s not going anywhere else anytime soon.

When asked what drives his loyalty to the club, Hoeboer said “well it’s the social aspect first and foremost, and then the sustained success we’ve had over the years. But you know, you just support the club through thick and thin.”

Despite growing up as a Hawthorn Hawks supporter, Tim found himself drawn to Melbourne Victory.

“I grew up an AFL fan, as a Hawthorn member, but after attending a few of Victory’s away games, I just felt more of a connection with Victory.

“The supporters are good fun and the team has seen so much success.”

Tim has quite an impressive attendance record when it comes to away games.

In fact, the Round 23 match against Wellington Phoenix marked away trip number 75 for Tim.

“I travel to Victory games all around the country. It’s a cool way to see the country and travel around Australia.

“I mean really, I would have never even thought to go to Newcastle or Gosford if it weren’t for being a Victory Member, and I’m glad I did.”

All the games over the years have created lifelong memories, but nothing stands out to Tim more than one away game in particular.

“Hands down my best memory is Terry Antonis’ 2018 Semi-Final 117th minute winner against Sydney.

“The atmosphere in the away end was proper mental, it was just pure chaos.”

It’s not just the spectacular Finals moments or the opportunity to jet-set around the country that keeps Tim coming back. 

“I’ve formed so many long-lasting friendships as a Victory member. It’s a family. Three years ago, we lost my brother in a car accident. And the outpour of support from not only fellow supporters, but even the club, was really incredible. It meant so much to have that.”

Tim is eager to continue on with his membership and attain his Gold Membership next season. 

“My dad is a member too, ‘Foss’, as we call him, like Fossil. People definitely know who you’re talking about when you say ‘Foss’.

“So just getting to go to games with him each week is what I look forward to.“

We hope to hear about Tim’s 100th away game down the line!