Muscat: We’ve been more proactive


Melbourne Victory Head Coach Kevin Muscat says a shift in attitude has helped his side improve its results.

Following an inconsistent start to the season, Victory has won three of its last four games, including the last two against Brisbane Roar and Melbourne City.

The squad’s attitude and proactivity has been a big focus for Muscat over the past few weeks.

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“Every action is secondary to attitude, and normally your actions are a reflection of your attitude,” Muscat said.

“We’ve been a lot more proactive and a lot more aggressive in our attitude in the last two weeks.”

Further, Muscat believes a calculated approach to analysis has helped make a difference.

“The easiest things to do when things aren’t perceived to be going well is change for the sake of change and hope.

“We removed hope by analysing and being fairly critical of ourselves as a group, and once you identify where things can be better you’re halfway to improving things.”

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Victory faces second-placed Newcastle at AAMI Park on Friday night, a challenge Muscat believes has landed at the right time.

“We look forward to tomorrow night’s game, Newcastle are sitting second on the table and they’ll certainly pose some different questions and problems for us.

“It’s a really good challenge and it’s come at a good time for us so we look forward to it.”

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