Open letter to supporters


Melbourne Victory is anticipating a season ‘like no other’ in 2013/14.

Melbourne Victory is anticipating a season ‘like no other- in 2013/14.

While the coaching staff has been working tirelessly to bring together a squad who will proudly represent Melbourne Victory and compete for the championship this Hyundai A-League season, there has also been significant work happening behind the scenes to ensure your matchday experience is one that is exceptional, memorable and safe.

We want to assure all members and supporters that active support is thriving at Melbourne Victory and we have shown, through collaboration, the growth of active support in the terraces is possible.

However, by the same token, socially unacceptable behaviour is a disservice to all of our supporters who just want to enjoy their experience of the very element that makes our matchday unique in this sporting landscape.

The Club has engaged over the off-season with the North Terrace leadership, stadiums, security, Victoria Police, Government and FFA to discuss matters relating to active support. Overcrowding, infiltration of anti-social behaviour and increased involvement of police/security into the North Terrace were the issues that were raised.

We have implemented tactical measures around the North Terrace to provide the leadership with an environment that its members can focus on growth, and contribute to the match day atmosphere that the club and supporters have been proud of.

Active support represents a significant part of Melbourne Victory and the Club will always stand by its members. The Melbourne Victory active support is the biggest in the league and it is growing by the season with over 2,500 members taking to the North and South terraces every home game to create of visual and thunderous spectacle to spur the team on to victory – this is what it is all about.

We look forward to seeing all the terraces pulsating with support for Melbourne Victory this season and can-t wait for the season to start on October 12, 2013.