Perseverance pays off for Victory’s Tiff Eliadis

Perseverance has been at the core of Tiff Eliadis’ journey with Melbourne Victory as she prepares to play an important role in the side’s A-League Women’s Semi Final on Saturday.

Her debut arrived in 2014 as a teenager, however she admits it took a few years to get to where she is now.

“I’m pretty happy and grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to start, especially now coming into my later years,” Eliadis said.

“I started at the club at an early age, and had to work my way up through so many different coaches and things like that.”

She said passion for the sport had kept her coming back each season.

“I think what’s really made me persevere is probably really wanting to start as well,” she said.

“Because I think throughout my years, I came through as a bit of an underdog. I think because of my versatility… coaches wouldn’t normally start me.”

She has gained opportunities to play more minutes this season through the absence of players such as Elise Kellond-Knight and Alex Chidiac. Eliadis likened it to one man’s trash being another’s treasure.

“Although that’s been hard on the team, it’s also been a great opportunity for me and a few other players to really step up and shine. I’m just happy to be playing,” she said.

Eliadis has led a group of home-grown players to reinforce Victory’s top four mission.

“As good as it is to have your interstate players and your internationals to really bring the group together; it’s also just as important to really showcase the local talent and to have the Melbourne-based girls be able to play,” she said.

Having once again left it to a nail biting finish to secure a top four spot, Eliadis believed they deserved to make the finals series once again.

“I’m just so excited for the finals, I’m glad that we made it. I’m really proud of all the girls, despite the injuries and the people coming and going,” she said.

“Not a lot of people get to experience finals football, and grand finals in general. So I’ve got quite a few under my belt and have been pretty blessed to have. Hopefully this could just add to the tally.”

While not looking too much further than the do-or-die final against Melbourne City, there was one team Eliadis was hoping to meet again before the lights turned out on the season.

“If all the cards get played right for us, I’d love to see another Victory-Western rematch,” she said.

“We played them in the first round and haven’t played them since.”