Popovic left frustrated following Sydney defeat

Head coach Tony Popovic believes his side deserved more from their 1-0 loss to Sydney FC on Saturday night.

On the decision to award the corner which led to the goal…

“It’s a bad error.”

“If you’re not sure, you can’t give that.”

“From where he (the referee) was standing, a good 15 metres behind play, it’s impossible to see.”

“But it’s done. He made that decision, and the resulting corner was a goal.”

On the team’s performance…

“We’re away from home, we’ve had 15 shots to one, and their one shot is the one that they scored.”

“The performance is outstanding and that’s what’s really frustrating me at the moment; that I’m sitting here after that performance and we’ve got nothing from the game.”

“Probably defensively one of our best performances in the last couple of years.”

“We’re lacking something…we’re missing something with the final pass, final shot, final decision.”

On Rai Marchan’s return…

“He’s been out for several weeks.”

“It’s his first week of training with the team.”

“We’ve missed him, of course we’ve missed him.”

On the challenge of making finals…

“We’ve just got to worry about…performing the same way, but turning these performances into wins.”

“We’ve been very good the last month since we’ve had some senior players back and some continuity.”

“Obviously we’ve lost Jakey (Jake Brimmer) for the rest of the year which is a real blow.”

Looking forward…

“The medical staff hasn’t reported any injuries, which is a positive.”

“We’ve got to go home, dust ourselves off, get over this and get ready for a game at home against the champions Western United.”