Popovic: “The result showcases a lot of our season in key moments” 

Melbourne Victory Head Coach Tony Popovic believes Monday’s result against Western United was a microcosm of his side’s fortunes this season. 

The Head Coach believed it was the “key moments in both boxes” that decided the match that reflected his side’s performances throughout the season, dominating opponents without results to show for it. 

“We’re not taking advantage of moments of the moments when we’re on top,” Popovic said. 

“We don’t give away many opportunities either, that’s clear but in saying that, we haven’t been good enough on both ends. We find a way to conceded so we’re not good enough there and in attack when we get opportunities and we don’t score. 

“So those two areas have been our downfall this season because in the rest of the game, we compete with everyone in the league. But in the two boxes over the course of the season, we haven’t been good enough.” 

Despite the result, Popovic was proud of his side’s fightback at the start of the second half and the energy of Bruno Fornaroli to pull his side back into the contest. 

“Look, Bruno’s been great for us,” he said. 

“He worked incredibly hard in Sydney last week and today he scored a wonderful goal I think he should have scored a second one if he turned a bit quicker in the box. He’s given everything. 

“It’s not about the effort or commitment from the group, they are all giving their heart and soul but we have to find a little bit more than that. That’s working in those key moment where we maybe need more calmness and clarity.”

With the end of the regular season fast approaching and the margin for error becoming smaller for the A-League Men’s side, Popovic said his side’s focus is to treat every match as a Final heading into the pointy end of the season. 

“The season is one thing but we have to we have to approach Central Coast first on Sunday,” he said. 

“We’ve got to find a way to put in and turn these good performances into results. You don’t come back the way we did tonight if we haven’t got character, you don’t come back like that if you don’t have quality in the team. 

“We know that confidence is what affects players and when you go in front, that confidence builds. When you’re playing well and you go behind again, then it’s another test. 

“I don’t think the performances have been poor but with the way the results have fallen, it’s obvious that we’re going through a difficult period but we know we’ve just got to keep working and go again on Sunday.”