Post-Match Reaction | Jeff Hopkins on 4-0

Head Coach Jeff Hopkins spoke to the media after Victory’s dominant 4-0 win over Western Sydney at the Home of the Matildas.

On the performance…

“I was very, very happy actually.”

“I was just really pleased with the whole of the group and not just the starting eleven or the players that were on the bench. The whole of the squad this week has contributed to us being just ready to play this week and it’s a credit to the whole squad.”

“I think there’s one or two things that we tried to do in the first half but we didn’t really commit to and some of that was playing a little bit more direct. We had opportunities to get the ball into Gielnik in space in the first half and we didn’t actually do it as much as we needed to.”

“I think that was the key to us opening them up, just playing a little bit more direct. Then the gaps started to open up and then we could play our normal game.”

“I’m really pleased with the attacking side of our game today and the way that we finished the attacks off.”

On the international break…

“I think it’s a good opportunity for us to get some work done. Definitely not to rest, but to work a little bit harder now without having to think about a game on the weekend.”

“So we can put some real good work into the players, another little boost for them just leading into the last five games, and maybe do a little bit of tactical work that we don’t often have the chance to do when you’re basically going from week to week, game to game.”