A-League Women’s coach Jeff Hopkins spoke to the media post-match after his side’s win over Adelaide United.

On the performance…

“I was overall pleased to win the game.”

“For the first three games we’ve worked through the week and what we’ve worked on, we kind of brought to life in the game… We did that again today.”

“We took a few chances and we were prepared to do that to try and win the game.”

“The girls were brave, showed a lot of courage in the way that we went about things.”

“I was really proud of the way the players attacked the game today.”

On McKenzie Weinert’s debut goal…

“She’s been great throughout the preseason and in the games leading up to today, but she’s got a lot of quality… She’s probably the quickest player we’ve got here as well.”

“We need to understand how to use her to the best of her potential… I love her attitude.”

“She’s a fighter. In training she brings intensity and in games she does exactly the same and she was a spark for us today.”

On Elise Kellond-Knight’s return to the starting XI…

“She was on the clock… [I was] really pleased with what she did while she was out there.”

“She brings a bit of calmness to the team… She actually starts to just guide one or two of the other people around.”

“She brings that bit of stability and calmness to the team.”

On the defensive performance…

“In terms of us defensively, we’ve been doing a lot of work to get our three center backs free at the back… One of the most pleasing things today is that we either got Kayla [Morrison] coming at the ball or Emma [Checker].”

“Our ability to change things up… We did something different each time and we’re able to be successful at it.”