Post-Match Reaction | Tony Popovic on Dramatic Victory Win

Head Coach Tony Popovic spoke to the media after Victory’s 2-1 win against Western United.

On the performance…

“I’m really just happy for the group because, you know, they just keep believing in what we’re doing.”

“The character and personality I think of this team was evident. It has been all year really. We can talk about draws and not turning them into wins. That’s a fact. But in no game have we lacked character or personality.”

On the belief of the players…

“Chances are clearly being created, but you need that ball to go in and that changes the confidence of the players. Now, it was clear to us that there would be opportunities and in the end that came from Damien he showed his experience and personality and was just delighted for the group because I think it’s how we’ve played this year.”

“Apart from a really poor performance against Macarthur in the first half, I think we’ve been so consistent. And so it was nice to score two late goals.”

“I think it was evident when we scored the first goal, you could see Bruno, Roddy, everyone trying to get everyone back to halfway, there was a belief to get a second, they didn’t settle for a draw. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get the winner. But you could see the mindset was, ‘we will get another opportunity’, and then it’s about taking it and you know, Daniel’s layoff was wonderful and you can imagine how fatigued Damien was at that moment to score that goal.”

“So you know, to keep it down and score, it was a wonderful finish for the players for the Club for the fans. So everyone goes home happy.”