Post-Match Reaction | Tony Popovic on Original Rivalry win

From Head Coach Tony Popovic after Victory’s 2-0 win against Adelaide United.

On the performance…

“We were happy with how we were playing.”

“We looked very resolute. We were pressing very well.”

“We didn’t give them a lot of chances to get momentum.”

“From midway in the first half, we took some good control of the game and we continued on with that throughout the second.”

“Performance was great and in the end we got the reward we deserved.”

On the improvements in the second half…

“Probably where we’ve improved is that when we went 1-0 up we maintained the control.”

“I thought today we kept the ball a lot better at 1-0.”

“Bruno getting the goal was just icing on the cake at the end.”

On the growth of the playing group…

“When you look at our midfield, you’ve got two 22-year-olds, you’ve got two 24-year-old wingers.”

“Last week in the first half the younger players maybe played the occasion.”

“Today we played the game.”

“We actually played the match – that’s progress in just one week for these boys.”

On Jake Brimmer’s impact…

“I thought his game, when he came on, was excellent.”

“He really took control.”

On the impact of the other substitutes…

“Ben Folami was excellent when he came on…Eli Adams, shorter period but did very well, Chris (Ikonomidis) as well.”

“Our impact players did exactly that and really kept us in the ascendancy.”

On Bruno Fornaroli…

“It’s just a pleasure to watch him play.”

“It just shows the shape that he’s in and also how much clarity he has in his mind, and belief.”

“We just want him to take that now with the Socceroos.”

“We’ve just got to keep going, we’ve got three tough away games now. It doesn’t get easier.”

“We’ll cover his absence and we’ll just continue on.”

“We’ll certainly be supporting him and cheering him on.”

On the progress in 2023…

“We had a clear vision and a goal.”

“To be competing and challenging for honours which this club, this famous club, always does.”

“That’s been our goal. We still haven’t achieved that – yes we’re on top but it’s only ten games in.”

“We’re on track as a football club.”

“We enjoy these little moments, you have to, it’s special.”

“No one gives you anything in this league, you have to earn it.”

“Where we are now, we’ve earned. We want more of it. But we understand we will have to work hard for it.”