Punters urged to avoid ‘Bet Regret’


The feelings of loss, guilt and regret are at the heart of a new campaign launched by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation today that puts a name to those familiar feelings, reminding gamblers to stay within their limits.

Melbourne Victory, who works closely with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has thrown its support behind the campaign.

Foundation chief executive Serge Sardo says Bet Regret shines a light on the experiences of real Victorian gamblers.

“Most gamblers have at some point bet more than they could afford to lose and felt guilt and regret, even if those feelings only lasted a few minutes,”

“We’re tapping into those feelings and giving people simple tips and tools to help prevent that feeling from leading to something bigger,” he said.

This timely campaign aims to strike a chord with anyone who gambles, particularly during the Spring Racing Carnival, with research showing the more frequently people gamble, the more likely they are to develop a problem.

Mr Sardo says most at-risk gamblers don’t believe their gambling behaviour is risky and tend not to monitor their own gambling.

“Especially at this time of year, everywhere you turn there are opportunities to gamble and advertising urging you to bet, so we’re encouraging gamblers to pay attention to the negative emotions they may feel when gambling and use these feelings as a barometer to control their gambling.

“Our message is not about stopping gambling, it’s about being aware of how much you’re gambling and putting in place some measures to reduce that risk and ensure gambling remains fun,” he said.

The new campaign is in line with the foundation’s increased focus on the prevention of problem gambling and is supported by new online tools including the Regret-o-meter which punters can use to see what they could afford if they weren’t gambling.

Mr Sardo says the campaign was developed following feedback from at-risk gamblers who said they needed information to help them make good gambling decisions and easy ways to monitor their gambling.

This campaign focuses on real people who gamble and aren’t necessarily experiencing problems but who may be at risk if they don’t keep their gambling in check with other forms of entertainment and responsibilities in their life.

The first phase of the campaign can be seen across television, radio, digital, print and outdoor including train station platforms and on trains until 22 November 2014.

To find out more go to www.betregret.com.au

Tips to avoid Bet Regret

  • Gamble for fun, not because you need the money
  • Gamble less than once a week
  • Set a money and time limit and stick to it
  • Leave your credit and debit cards at home
  • Don’t mix gambling with heavy drinking or drugs
  • Always know the odds and your chances of winning
  • Learn from past gambling experience