Quotes: Milligan & Muscat’s media conference


Mark Milligan returned to Melbourne Victory on Monday after signing a one-year marquee deal.

In fronting the media alongside Kevin Muscat, the duo talked about what’s to come for Victory, the importance of the AFC Champions League and much more.

Milligan on the road back to Victory

“Over the last few days, when my decision was made that we’d be coming back to Australia, once I spoke to Muscy the choice was easy.

“When I came off contract, I wasn’t planning on this (but) I guess it just worked out and things aligned over the last few days. I was fortunate enough that Kevin was in a position to be able to put something forward to me.

“As it turned out (with) the visa situation it wasn’t possible for me to play over there (in England) which was out of my hands.

Muscat on Victory in the AFC Champions League

“In that Champions League campaign, I’ve always maintained I want to really, as a football club and personally, we want to give that a shake.

“We had a taste in the last campaign where we got out of the group for the first time in the club’s history.

“We wanted to get in as many Australian players as possible to compete in both competitions, but particularly when that Champions League campaign rolls around, we’ll have a very, very competitive team.”

Milligan on the benefit of AFC Champions League

“Knowing that the amount of games that we’re going to have, and the amount of quality games that we’re going to have here at Victory, come early next year through to the middle of May, is definitely a factor (in playing for the Socceroos).

“You want to be playing in the best competitions, and the club always strives to be in those. It’s worked out well that this year this will be one competition we’ll be playing in.”

Muscat on signing former players

“In all honesty, I just look forward. I’ve not made decisions based on what things looked like two weeks ago, two years ago.

“I’ve made decisions based on what I think is going to happen in the next 12 months. The fact that you can look on the other side of the coin and it suggests that players who do leave this club, for whatever reason, always feel it’s somewhere they want to come back and play.

“From my perspective, I’m very proud of that. The football club is no doubt very proud of that.”