Quotes: Troisi & Muscat’s media conference


James Troisi and Kevin Muscat fronted the media on Thursday to talk about Troisi’s re-signing on a two-year deal.

In an in-depth media conference with plenty of topics touched on, here’s a sample of what Troisi and Muscat had to say.

Troisi explains his choice

“For me coming back to Australia, if I’m considering coming back Melbourne Victory will always be my first choice.

“I’ve been back twice now and so happy to be here for another two years.

“I’m comfortable here, I’m at home here, it’s a great family here.

“First and foremost, I love Melbourne, it’s a great lifestyle (and) that’s one part of things.

“Second thing is to be comfortable in the place you are, which I am at this club.

“For me, it’s extremely important to get looked after, physically and mentally. I know what I’m getting here, the club knows what they’re getting from me.

“When you’re physically in the best possible way you can be, then you can go perform at the best you can.”

Muscat explains the contract negotiations

“What I will say is James, probably out of all the Australian players at the back of last season, was in a unique situation.

“We got to a point where all negotiations with everyone at the club ceased, two or three weeks pre the finals, and then having to go to the Confederations Cup almost immediately (after finals).

“Subsequently everyone is on holidays, and so is James. There’s a lot that’s transpired but ultimately I didn’t lose belief, and the door always remained open.”

“I’m very grateful and I think we as a football club are fortunate to have James’ services for the next couple of campaigns.”

Troisi on ‘that’ scarf

“I went there (to Israel) just to have a look at the place.

“When you meet someone for the first time and they give you a scarf, it’s quite rude to say ‘no, I can’t do that.’

“To be honest I thought that photo was just going to be sent to the owner and the coach. The coach was a Standard Liege coach when I was in Belgium so he knew me.

“Obviously they posted it and it blew up. But it was never ‘I’m going there, I’m signing,’ nothing like that.”

Troisi on the upcoming season

“I’m extremely excited to be back and be here, but I kind of didn’t really leave, in a way.

“I’m looking forward to getting started, some of these boys here are extremely close friends.

“It is home, and I’m ready to win something this season.”

Muscat on ‘re-joining’ v ‘re-signing’

“What shouldn’t be lost here, it’s not a re-joining with the club, it’s a re-signing with the club.

“James was here last season, so we’ve re-signed him.

“Anyone that comes out of contract at some level, they’ll have interest. We’re grateful that when we’ve all had time to reflect, everyone’s decided this is the best outcome for everybody.

“What’s being lost a little bit is how James performed last season. Once we start concentrating on the actual football, it’s a nice piece of the puzzle for the upcoming season.”