So, who are we?

tony popovic

So, who are we? Tells the story of Melbourne Victory Football Club through the players, staff members and fans who have shaped the Club’s 16-year history.

Inspired by the North End’s ‘Horto Magiko’ chant, figures from Victory’s past, present and future share their stories and detail what the Club means to them.

Over the coming weeks the Club’s channels will feature each individual, shining a light on their affiliation and contribution to Melbourne Victory.

So, who are we?

Narrated by Victory legend, Carl Valeri, the video delves into the emotions and experience of supporting Melbourne Victory since 2005, from the first Championship win to the recent W-League success.

Filming took place across key locations in Melbourne including AAMI Park, Flinders Street Station and the Cricketer’s Arms Hotel in Richmond, to signify that Victory was formed as a Club for all Victorians.

The early stages of Victory’s history are represented by Gary Cole, who was the Club’s inaugural Director of Football.

In the video, Cole is standing on the site of Olympic Park, the location of the Club’s former stadium and the place in which Victory’s first A-League match kicked off. 

Roddy Vargas, who is the first to appear in the film, also represents the Club’s early years.

Vargas played for Melbourne from 2006 to 2012, winning two Championships, two Premier’s Plates and one Victory Medal across 139 A-League appearances.

Iconic footage of Archie Thompson celebrating his five goals in the 2006/07 Grand Final accounts for Victory’s first Championship lift, while the tears and heartaches serve as a reminder of the Club’s journey so far – both the ups and the downs.

W-League Head Coach, Jeff Hopkins, first appears in the video overlooking AAMI Park.

Hopkins recently led the women’s team to silverware in the 2020/21 Grand Final, with the help of Melina Ayres who was the team’s top scorer last season. 

Former W-League player and Victory Community employee, Gulcan Genitsaris also features throughout as well as a selection of the Club’s most dedicated supporters.

Leigh Broxham and Marco Rojas represent Victory’s current A-League side, which is set to embark on a new era under Head Coach Tony Popovic, who delivers the final line of the video: “You will see.”

tony popovic

Full script

So, who are we? 

We are the founders, the originals, we are the noise.

We’re tears of sadness, and joy. 

Proud, and passionate, we are the entertainers.

We are Archie’s five at the Dome – this is OUR home.

So, who are we?

We are the girls, the boys, and last-minute winners. We are family.

We are hard work and determination.

We are the lifts, the ups, and the downs, we are heartaches and the highs.

We are north, we are south, we are east, we are west.

We are Melbourne.

We are the pride of Victoria, these are our streets.

So, who are we?

Tony Popovic: “You will see.”

tony popovic