Standing together Towards Zero


When we put the call out for extras to help out with the Melbourne Victory x TAC TV commercial we didn’t even dream of the response that we received.

We were overwhelmed with the passion and enthusiasm that you, the Victory members, showed towards our club.

One of the key objectives of the spot is to ‘bring together the Victory community’ and upon seeing each of you engage and interact with our A-League, W-league, NYL staff and most importantly, each other, we knew that we had achieved our goal.

A particular highlight of the night for us was the impromptu rendition of ‘Melbourne boys are still number one’ that a large group began chanting during filming – it seemed a shame to have to stop you at the end of each take!

Thank you to each and every one of you who gave up your time to participate in the advert. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did and we hope you’re proud of your efforts.

The video is freely available on each of our social channels as well as here on the website, by all means like, share, tag, comment on the video to share the Victory / TAC message.

There is also a variety of photographs from the night here which you are welcome to download, share and print.

Melbourne Victory and TAC​ stand together Towards Zero..

Once again, thank you all. Melbourne fans are still number one.

– Christopher Gospel, Executive Producer.