TAC Victoria launches new road safety campaign


Our inaugural and loyal partner, the TAC, has launched a new campaign calling on drivers to ditch the distractions and put their phones away to make Victoria’s roads safer.

The campaign tells Victorians that ‘when you’re on your phone, you’re driving blind’ and highlights that just a two-second glance at a mobile phone means a driver is travelling blind.

Central to the campaign is a new television ad that shows a young man driving down a suburban street, who is distracted by the ding of a message notification on his phone.

The driver glances down at the phone and at that moment a pair of hands appear from behind and cover his eyes. It’s revealed that a version of himself is covering his eyes.

Mobile phones are a key factor in fatal and serious injury crashes across Victoria, with a TAC survey of 1,742 Victorians showing that among licence holders aged 18 to 60 years, one-third said they had used mobile phones illegally while driving.

The campaign emphasises the lack of awareness drivers have of their surroundings every time they look at their phone and makes them feel uneasy about their behaviour.

Watch the new TAC television ad