Toivonen’s tips to tackle time


How did Melbourne Victory captain Ola Toivonen pass the time during his 14 days in self-isolation?


The Swedish striker who has made a career out of smashing defensive walls to pieces, became a master engineer of the plastic building blocks.

“I’ve been playing a lot of Lego, so maybe I’m a Lego expert after the past two weeks,” Toivonen said.

“But I’m off the Lego now.”

There was also plenty of time to focus on his fitness and skills. Games of indoor football with his children also kept him on his toes.

A delivery of an exercise bike from Culture, Leadership and Welfare Manager, Carl Valeri, was a welcomed addition to the Toivonen house.

“I was on the bike everyday out on the terrace to get some fresh air and to keep the heart and lungs going.

“That was the saviour.”

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In between juggling family life, mastering Lego and putting in the hours on the exercise bike, the 33-year-old had time to reflect.

He misses the nerves of game day and the atmosphere of the Victory crowd, but in the meantime called on the fans to stay connected with the club.

“The common thing we have is a love of football.”

“The team you cheer for is Melbourne Victory so stay together and try to come up with a solution.”

The captain also joined members of the Victory family, past and present, who sent a special shout out to the inspiring medical and healthcare workers fighting to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

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