Victory members go above and beyond


As the current pandemic continues to keep us apart, the importance of coming together becomes increasingly clear.

Without the buzz of rivalry-ridden derbies, or the enticement of Friday night lights, sport is left without the ability to do what it does best: unite.

Yet, in uncertain times like these, Melbourne Victory is proud to have the unwavering support of our members – some of whom have gone above and beyond!

Eight-year Silver Member, Mick Morris was one of many who called the club to ask about 2020/21 membership options.

“I want to support the club and buy my membership for next season,” said Morris with assertion. 

Similarly, 14-year Gold Members Kevin and Stephanie Armstrong contacted the club to state their intention to continue their current membership, while also committing to the 2020/21 season.

“The club has given us far more highs than lows during our time as supporters. We believe it is important to support the club through good and not so good times.

“If it was not already being kept in perspective, surely Covid-19 has shown us all that there are more important things… now is not the time to jump ship and we won’t be doing that.”

Members like Lachlan Harris and Scott Fynmore have also pledged to maintain their memberships.

“I want to help the club,” explains Harris. 

As an inaugural member and auto-12 member, Fynmore declared “that Victory has my support now and in the future…we are in this together.”

We are truly humbled by our supporter group, and never have the words of “Stand By Me” rung so true.

While we may not be able to physically come together in the stands of AAMI Park, we can do so by standing as one with the club.