Victory members stand together through Pay It Forward initiative


In these extremely challenging times, it has been wonderful to see the Melbourne Victory family standing together.

Many of our members and fans have been doing it tough, so the club has created an initiative that allows the community around the club to support each other

The Pay It Forward campaign allows members to purchase a GA base membership which can then be given away to their fellow Victory members who may have been impacted by the pandemic.

2020/21 membership banner


10-year member Michael Henderson was one of the first who wanted to provide a helping hand via the Pay It Forward campaign.

“I know a lot of people aren’t working, and I’m fortunate enough to have kept working through the whole pandemic,” Henderson said.

“I thought it would be a real let down for someone to have to miss out this season just because they were not able to work or had been impacted in any way.

“So I decided it might be good for someone else to still get their membership even though they might be in a tough situation.”

This situation was one familiar to 14-year member David, who had to make the regretful choice to cancel his membership to cut back on costs.

“I would support Victory regardless, but I was quite appreciative and most grateful to receive this Pay It Forward membership, and that my fourteen years of membership has been rewarded. It’s terrific,” David said.

“I would like to say thank you to Michael. It’s very kind of him and I really appreciate the gesture. I wish I could return the favour, but I am just very grateful.

”I love football, so it’s been a good ride with Victory. This membership will allow me to continue doing that when I thought I couldn’t. It’s a nice surprise actually and I’m just very pleased.”

Anxious to get back in the stands and watch their team live, both Michael and David look are looking forward to the return of football.

“I’m really hoping to actually see a real crowd again and watch some sport in Melbourne,” said David.

And like all of us, Michael just wants to get back to games.

“It has been a while, having missed the back end of the last season. I’m looking forward to seeing us win again in person!”

Victory prides itself on its loyal fanbase, and even more so, their coming together to stand as one.

When asked what he thought of the Pay It Forward initiative, and the possibility of other members participating, Michael summed it up with one simple statement.

“If they can, then why not?”

If you would like to help Pay It Forward, you can head to or speak to the club’s Membership Services team by calling 1300 466 832.

Let’s all stand together and make sure the Victory family remains strong in season 2020/21.