Victory out to make a difference with Tribal Vision


Jordan Waters and Aurora Sharkey live in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon in a remote village with the Shipibo tribe.

They established a not-for-profit organisation called Tribal Vision to raise money to support the tribe. Melbourne Victory recently donated some equipment to Tribal Vision, through our partnership with Tobin Brothers, which made its way to the kids of the Shipibo tribe.

This is their story: 

It’s pretty amazing when you meet someone you share a truly special connection with and this happened when we met Tommy for the first time.

Tommy is a 7-year-old boy whose family is part of the Shipibo tribe. He arrives at the door step of our hut everyday to play soccer, to joke, laugh, and we spend time together. His nature and innocence is captivating.

On one particular day, we were perched on the edge of our veranda overlooking the makeshift football field and it began to pour down with rain. The wet seasons were coming but it didn’t stop Tommy from running out onto the field. His friends followed closely behind as he had his old tattered football tucked under his arm. Bursting with joy they rolled around in the mud with their half deflated, half chewed soccer ball.

Tommy and the tribe he resides in are mad about football, they play whenever and where ever they can. It doesn’t matter whether the sun is out and shining or if they’re in the midst of a great Amazonian storm, Tommy and his friends enjoy playing football.

To see the place that football has in Tommy’s heart is to see what the spirit of football truly is. Tommy and children in this community live a daily life of poverty and simplicity but they take any given opportunity to share what little they have with others and they do it with unfettered happiness and love.

Thanks to the generosity of Melbourne Victory we were able to supply kids in the village with 20 brand new footballs. For kids who have very few material possessions, the joy that these gifts brought shone through in their smiles and the use of these footballs every day. A simple ball can make the world of difference to a young child.

If you would like to know more about Tribal Vision’s ongoing work with the tribe, or if you would like to support their work you can do so via: