“We’ve used this time to put things right”: Hopkins on Women’s break

As the A-League Women’s Finals Series draws closer, Melbourne Victory Head Coach Jeff Hopkins explained how his side have worked with another break mid-season.

On the result against Adelaide…

“There’s lots of lots of positives to take out of the game, especially the way that we finished the game.”

“In terms of the result, pretty disappointing that we we couldn’t win the game that we deserved to win, going down a goal and coming back and really looking like we’re going to win.”

On having Melina Ayres and Catherine Zimmerman back…

“Yeah, look, they’ve made a huge difference to us.”

“It’s great to have your two best finishes back in the side and for both them to score as well.”

On the break…

“I think this week it’s been great (to have the break) because we have been able to take our time to recover out of the game to look at the game and look at some of the things that we needed to work on and actually have the time to work on them.”

“I think we’ve we’ve really tried to put a focus this week on a number of things that we didn’t do right and try to use this time to put things right.”

“Also get a bit of time to work on a few a few physical aspects and use the time really, really well.”

On the team’s focus and push for Finals…

“We’ve got one, one goal and that’s to to make to make the finals.”

“It’s a a game by game affair.”

“We need to deal with City first (next game) and then, whatever happens in that game, whether we win, lose, draw, we’ve still got almost another final the following week and another.”