WorkSafe Victoria shares vision with Victory


One of Melbourne Victory’s major partners, WorkSafe Victoria, presented its vision of “Victorian workers returning home safe every day” to the club’s chairman, players and staff on Tuesday.

WorkSafe employs over 1000 people in a range of roles. Together, they work with employers and employees to make Victoria the safest state in Australia in which to work.

The organisation is also committed to supporting injured workers return to work, and it continues to collaborate with stakeholders, health practitioners, employers and others to get injured workers back to suitable work as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

“We are proud to support Melbourne Victory,” said WorkSafe’s Director of Marketing, Susan Crnkovic-Jones.

“We value the role that Melbourne Victory plays in reaching out and connecting with groups across Victoria – migrants and indigenous communities, employers, employees and business leaders, young workers, children and their parents, across metro, rural and regional Victoria.

“With the help of Melbourne Victory, we look forward to reaching more audiences  across the state to encourage them to make workplace safety an important part of their daily lives.”

Melbourne Victory would like to thank Susan, Marion Nagle and Paul Coburn for their insightful presentations on the day.