A-League Women’s Head Coach, Jeff Hopkins spoke to media post-match after his side’s round two loss to Western United.

On his side’s performance on Sunday…

“I’m devastated for the girls because I thought they did more than enough to win the game.

“We played exactly as we planned. The composure of the back four to the midfield, it was a lot more connective. The final pass could have been a little bit better, but yeah, I’m devastated for the girls.

“Well done to Western United at the end, but I think we need to go back, not to the drawing board, just go back and read the set plays a bit better.

“I think we’re in very, very good shape, and looking forward to the next game in two weeks from now.”

On Lydia Williams…

“I think she got hit pretty hard.

“We’re not really sure what it is at the moment. So, we’re just still waiting to hear, the docs are having a look at the moment so not 100{40fbd5c744d3235abc2b46fc29142b1ee3410a8128cdac4aba3e7677c24830a4} sure.”

On Elise Kellond-Knight’s return…

“Yeah, look, it’s great to see her back.

“We got her onto the field for about 20 minutes and with a friendly next weekend, she’ll get some more minutes there too.”