Victory Academy Wrap

“We want to be a club that prides itself on winning things at any age throughout the academy.”

It was an incredibly successful year for the Victory Academy at all levels.

The U23s were promoted to NPL2, the U21s were crowned as champions while the U14s, U16s and U18s also won their respective league titles.

The U15s finished second despite only losing one game for the entire season.

U21’s Head Coach, Roddy Vargas, said he was extremely proud of what the academy had achieved and the growth shown over the season.

“I think the players have been fantastic all year and we had a quick chat after the (North Sunshine Eagles) game and very happy and very proud,” Vargas said.

“We want to create a level of excellence and we’ve had a fantastic year and the boys have gelled really well and really pleased to finish off the season on a high.

“I think whenever you win, it’s really important, but especially at Victory, we want to be a club that prides itself on winning things at any age throughout the academy.”

Speaking on the development of the players, Vargas explained how merging the U21s with the U23 squad impacted the team.

“This year we’ve merged our squads with the U23s. So the whole U21s, and U23s, trained together for the whole year as a collective. And I think I’ve seen personally, the growth in the younger boys training with the older group.

“With both squads merging together, the younger ones have been able to adapt and train with the older, bigger, stronger bodies and has really been great for them.

“I think it’s been a fantastic year in the development of the younger players, but as well as the older ones, getting to learn and getting to work with younger players, which they’ve had to play with this year.”

“I think realistically, each and every individual we have in our squad, we see with potential to move up the ranks and play NPL seniors and hopefully get crack at A-Leagues when that time comes.”

Here’s how every team fared this season:


Position: 2nd
Promotion: Secured
Golden Boot: Adem Duratovic
Victory Medal: Alexander Menelaou

NPL3 – U21

Position: 1st
Promotion: Secured
Golden Boot: Nyo Connel

JBNPL 1 – U18

Position: 1st
Golden Boot: Jesse Hoey

JBNPL 1 – U16

Position: 1st
Golden Boot: Patrick Wall
Junior Victory Medal: Thomas Jackson

JBNPL 1 – U15

Position: 2nd (on goal difference)
Golden Boot: Cristian Miano

JBNPL 1 – U14

Position: 1st
Golden Boot: Mushahed Sawiz